Vaping mods – What Are the Best Vaporizers For Vapers?

April 21, 2021 In Uncategorized

Vaping mods – What Are the Best Vaporizers For Vapers?

It’s quite common to find vapers, especially in public places, with Vaping mods within their pocket or on the backpacks. Some may think this just a little strange but it actually started as back the 80’s with the use of PC from Japan. The mod was named “cigarette” mod since it resembles a cigarette. These cigarettes were designed to resemble the real cigarette and it gave smokers the same sort of high that a cigarette gives.

vaping mods

These devices were useful for private and home only use as a result of stigma and social awkwardness associated with smoking. The idea to create these products available to the public was met with plenty of resistance, but they eventually made their way to the United States. Before couple of years, the growth and popularity of vaporizing devices have increased tremendously. Many vapers are now using these unregulated box mods to obtain the same high they get from smoking.

The largest difference between Vaping mods and Cigar mods may be the physical factor. You can’t take a puff of a cigarette with a Vaping mod as you are inhaling vapors. These are called e-juice or electronic juice due to the electric charge they carry. Furthermore, e-juice is much easier to store